Thursday, March 10, 2005


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Do your values match your lifestyle? Mine don't always. I have a bumper sticker on my van that says Turn off TV, Turn on Life, but do my everyday habits reflect that sentiment? As a general rule, I hate most of what is on TV and believe TV to be a great time waster. But, I must admit that if we had full cable, I would find it extremely difficult to not watch home improvement shows and shows like Clean Sweep. There are one or two shows that are beneficial and several that are benign, but most are mentally cancerous, silently eating away at our mental capacity and our core values through desensitization. How much more would I get accomplished if there were no TV at all? Not that life is about seeing how much we can accomplish, but rather how much more would I interact with my family, my neighbors, my community? I daresay most of us know more about families on TV sitcoms than we do about our own next door neighbor. Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself, but how can we truly love someone if we don't take the time to know them? This is one of those areas where I have not yet "arrived," and I am preaching to myself. Sometimes, I have the TV on in the background for "company." How much better it would be if I were to pick up the phone and call my neighbor. I think I'll do that today. :)

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