Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hope Chests

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Do you have a hope chest for your daughter? We do. As your daughter grows into young womanhood, a hope chest is a wonderful starting point for birthday and holiday presents. Lately, I have been buying pretty kitchen towels and pot holders that are season oriented. For Valentine's Day we gave our daughter a pot holder with pretty pink hearts on it. My daughter and I are always on the lookout for pretty things that will make her future home more beautiful and inviting. We do put in items that are practical, but we also make a point that those things are high quality and lovely. Some of the pretty things that I had set aside before I was married (my hope chest was an old train trunk that I dearly loved) bring a smile of fond remembrance to me when I see them. My daughter's hope chest content has been mainly focused on the kitchen and dining table, but we hope to also fill it with delicate baby clothes as she desires a family. I believe that boys should have chests as well - filled with tools, books, etc. What a wonderful way to help our children take wing and get a good start in life.

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